Internal Laboratory

Titanium’s laboratory module covers most aspects of day to day running of an internal dental laboratory.

A record of the patient’s laboratory work is integrated into their electronic dental record allowing clinicians to synchronise case management and lab managers to direct workloads based on required completion dates.

Key Features

  • Configurable laboratory processes
  • Stages and associated individual component steps for complicated processes are entered with a single click.Lab availability is checked and confirmed when scheduling follow up appointments dependant on completed lab work.
  • Tracks the purchase costs and use of expensive materials down to patient level
  • Maintains a history of each patient’s lab treatment, episodes can be reopened if reworks are needed
  • Reports on Lab productivity

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive screens require minimal training
  • Completely integrated solution
  • Improved patient service, the status of lab work can be easily checked  & confirmed prior to appointments
  • Clinicians have a view of  their patient’s lab work, the technician assigned to do the work and stage of completion